Thursday, 22 October 2009

TV Idents

Idents I Like

Tara Joyce



90’s Disney Channel

Design:- I like the design of the ident because, it colourful and fun. Its also in the shape for Micky Mouses head.

Information led:- I don’t think this ident is information led.

Entertainment led:- I think this is entertainment let as the colours  swirl onto the screen then continue on the show the Micky Mouses head.

Use of Colour and Sound:- I think this ident uses a lot of colour, you have the sparksthemselves and the light coming off it. You also have the magic sound in the background connecting the spirals to the channel. As Disney channel moto is Relise the Magic.

Type of Mood:- I think with this been on a children's channel, the mood is light and fun.

Main Purpose:- I think the main purpose of this ident to entertain the viewer as they listen to what is on next then later. They have updated this to show the people in the show and have changed the colour, as sown in the picture on the right. They also have the logo on the bottom left all the time, just changing it slight to show the difference of the channel as they now how a few.  I don’t like these one as much as the old one’s they are more information led now then entertainment.


BBC Three

Design:- There is quite a lot happening in this ident compered to the Disney one I just talked about. I think it is still simple but I really like all the colours and the things going on, like the plug been put in to activate the pink liquid. I also fell this more for the befit of females then men, due to the colours chosen.

Information led:- I don’t think this is information led.

Entertainment led:- This ident is entertainment led, the plant is moving and you have lots of different things going on to entertain people, like at the end a man bungy jumps out of a cloud.

Use of Colour and Sound:- I think the ident is colourful, the main reason I was attracted to this ident was because of the use of pinks and purples. There isn’t any sound specifically for this ident, because they put a voice over the top telling you what is coming up.

Type of Mood:- I think this is suppose t make the watch fell relaxed and happy, as they are use colours associated with woman this would only apply to woman, men would have a different feeling I’m guessing annoyance.

Main Purpose:-  I think this has been made to attract more female viewers or to be used between most female viewed programs.




Design:- I picked this one because it had Wallace and Gromit on, also because it Christmassy and I like Christmas. I don’t think it would have been simple to do as it would have been made through stop motion as that is how stop motion is done.

Information led:- I think to some extent this is information led as you hear the information been giving but to look at I would’t say it was information led.

Entertainment led:- This ident is entertainment led as it Wallce and Gromit you expect something funny to happen. How wouldn’t think Wallce jumping up and down trying to put fairy lights up.

Use of Colour and Sound:- There isn’t much colour used in this ident they mainly use the BBC know colours red and white, they even have Wallace wearing a red jumper.

Type of Mood:- I think this is light entertainment so the mood is fun.

Main Purpose:- I think the main purpose for this ident is because of the season, it was only aired during Christmas.


Tara Joyce




1)   Time on we hand it has to under a min

2)   Cost

3)   Banding fit in with the station

4)   Appeal to your audience


Opportunities with the time, because you don’t have to worry about fill in a lot of time, it can be straight to the point. Money because you can think outside of the box with a less about of money. Branding you can make it more quire, Sic fi for example you could UFO in and explosions ect. This also covers the apple for the audience because you research the channel and add things into the indents that fall into this channel.


Entertainment led Indent

Sky 3

Length:- 30 seconds

Budget:- I think this ident would of been low budget giving that they are using a clip from a sky 3 programme. They may have had to pay to be aloud to use it but giving the fact that they are plugging the show I would of thought they might not of done. The isn’t very much to the graphic in itself giving that the three is there from the beginning and the only thing that happens is that pink dust comes off it when the bullet goes through. So all in all looking that this ident I would of thought it was a low budget.

Audience:- I think this ident is aiming for fans of the show along with people who would particularly watch the show, for example you could put this ident inbetween 24 and another enterainment show that broadcast to the same audince to attarck more viewers. This ident would also be put on on a brake where the show itself was coming up next.

Branding:- The branding for this is simple, they used a show shown of sky 3 and add there logo to it to put there own stamp on the footage. There no messing around trying to get to the logo like in the BBC 3 one where they revolve  around to show the logo. In this ident it there from the beginning so it constantly rienforced, and the logo itself is just a bold 3, making it clear and easy to see, especially since it it pink. The branding is direct throughoutout the footage.

Colour:- The footage for this ident is dark, but this make the sky 3 logo stand out more thought the footage as it a hot pink colour, which is the colour for the channel itself.



Information led Indent

Sky 3


Length:- 15 seconds

Budget:- Like the previous on this on is a graphic which would have been cheaper to make the a live action ident due to the small out of people involved. So like the first one it to would have been low budget.

Audience:- This ident is really aiming for any particular audience, where as the with the first on it would have been for the fan base of people who would of watch a shoe like Bones, this one isn’t. It can go on between any show and give of the information that they are required. Because there is nothing to the ident there is nothing distracting the viewer form listening to what is been said.

Branding:- The branding is throughout this ident as the pink is the colour of the logo and the logo appears at the end of the ident for the last 6 seconds.

Colour:- The colour for this is pink which is incorporated because of the colour of the logo.